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Many people prepare and file their own tax returns.  While I don’t recommend it, I can appreciate wanting to save a few bucks by doing it themselves.  What happens when you have a question?  You can’t ask your tax software. Where can you get the answers to your general tax questions?  Who do you turn to?  I suppose you could call the IRS on their toll-free line.  Do you want to sit on hold and hopefully get the right answer?  A 2004 study reflected the IRS answered 82% of taxpayer’s questions correctly.  I suggest the percentage is lower than that, perhaps as low as 50%. 


Neil Johnson (aka The Tax Dude®), an expert on US income tax planning and compliance is now making himself available to answer your general tax questions for an affordable fee.  Neil has helped numerous taxpayers over the past 20 tax seasons prepare their tax returns and his reputation is unmatched in the industry. 


For $29.95, you can ask The Tax Dude® your general tax questions.  Here’s how it works.  Click the PayPal button at the bottom of the screen.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s easy and free to set up.  Upon receipt of your payment, The Tax Dude® will send you an e-mail acknowledgement.  You simply reply to the acknowledgement e-mail with your general tax question and The Tax Dude® will respond with your answer within 24 hours.  In most cases, questioners will receive an answer within 8 hours.


If you have a question that is more involved than a general tax question, The Tax Dude® will inform you of such.  At this point, The Tax Dude® will contact you with the following two options: 1) Pay an additional amount to cover the additional time necessary to research and/or respond to your question. 2) Receive a refund of your $29.95 payment.


For more information about The Tax Dude® please visit http://www.thetaxdude.com.  More information can be found about The Tax Dude® by Googling “thetaxdude” or “the tax dude”. 


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